Special in suraj kund mela 2024

The Surajkund Mela 2024, which is currently ongoing from February 2nd to 18th, is a vibrant celebration of Indian and international crafts, culture, and heritage. Here are some of the special things you can expect to experience at the mela this year:

  • A focus on Gujarat: This year’s theme state is Gujarat, so you can expect to see a wide variety of handicrafts,textiles, music, dance, and cuisine from the state. There will be special pavilions showcasing Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage, including traditional embroidery, pottery, woodwork, and metalwork.
  • International participation: The mela also features a large number of international participants from countries like Tanzania, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, and Uzbekistan. This provides a unique opportunity to experience the diverse cultures and crafts of different parts of the world.
  • Cultural performances: Throughout the day, there are a variety of cultural performances taking place on different stages throughout the mela grounds. These performances showcase the traditional music, dance, and theater of different regions of India and the world.
  • Delicious food: No mela is complete without delicious food! The Surajkund Mela has a wide variety of food stalls serving up regional specialties from all over India. You can also find international cuisine, as well as sweet treats and snacks.
  • Shopping: The mela is a great place to do some shopping for unique handicrafts, souvenirs, and clothing. There are hundreds of stalls selling everything from textiles and jewelry to pottery and wood carvings.
  • Family-friendly activities: The mela is also a great place to take the kids. There are a number of kid-friendly activities, such as camel rides, elephant rides, and puppet shows.

In addition to these special features, the Surajkund Mela also has a number of other attractions, such as:

  • A craft demonstration area, where you can watch artisans create their work
  • A haat (marketplace), where you can buy local produce and other goods
  • A Surajkund lake, where you can take a boat ride or simply relax and enjoy the scenery

Overall, the Surajkund Mela is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers something for everyone. If you are in the Delhi area, I highly recommend checking it out!